London, Tuesday 4th August 2015, 4.15pm

Niomi Smart - Carvela 'Kiki'

Walking through Mayfield Lavender Fields in Surrey, Niomi Smart wears Carvela ‘Kiki’ proving that gladiators are not only fierce but feminine too. *Scarlett

Niomi Smart -Carvela 'Kiki'

Niomi Smart - Carvela 'Kiki' 2

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London, Friday 31st July 2015, 4.15pm

KG Kurt Geiger 'Libra'

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London, Tuesday 21st July 2015, 1.30pm

Carvela 'Gossip'

There are certain fashion items that will never go out of style. I can’t imagine a world where classic black heels would ever be considered a faux pas, and I stand by my belief that a timeless piece should be purchased with the expectation that it’ll live in your wardrobe, happily ever after. *Scarlett

–   Carvela ‘Gossip’

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London, Friday 17th June 2015, 12.15pm

Carvela 'Kay'

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London, Friday 10th July 2015, 1pm

Carvela 'Krisp'

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London, Wednesday 1st July 2015, 6.05pm

Miss KG 'Lola'

It’s a heatwave here in London and white ensembles are out in full force paying homage to both the sun and Wimbledon.  Check out these tennis shoes causing a stir at Kurt Geiger Head Office.*Scarlett  

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London, Friday 19th June 2015, 4.45pm

Miss KG 'Dena'

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London, Tuesday 16th June 2015, 3.45pm

Heat Mag_ 20-26th June 2015

I was thrilled to read ‘Geiger Counter’ in today’s Heat Magazine! Grab a copy quick to check out just some of the Kurt Geiger accessories Hollywood’s A-list has been coveting. *Scarlett  

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London, Friday 12th June 2015, 3pm

Kurt Geiger London 'Diana'

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London, Monday 8th June 2015, 4.45pm

Think Pink Kurt Geiger London Accessories

Packing for holidays can be such a chore, no one wants to bring their entire wardrobe but if you really love your clothes, you’ll probably want to show them off at home and on holiday. It’s all about packing for maximum efficiency — not about packing less. Meet the accessories that will help you pack better. *Scarlett

  – Kurt Geiger London mini saffiano tote

  – Kurt Geiger London aviator sunglasses

  – Kurt Geiger London logo purse

  – Kurt Geiger London bikini

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