London, 29th February, 12:07pm

White stilettos have never looked so good and I am enjoying their come-back! Wear with delicate accessories entwined with metallic metal and a flash of colour. Like a glossy Dodge Challenger from the 1970s film, these are my ‘Vanishing Point’. *Scarlett 

This week’s white desert journey was brought to you with Kurt Geiger London shoes, a vintage scarf and KG* Kurt Geiger neon necklace and pouch

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    Oooo my friend’s got the neon clutch purchased from KG, she uses it for her ipad case and it looked realllllly good!

    Kit at 12:24 pm 29/02/2012
  2. "

    Love the white shoes. Sad that KG will not ship shoes to the USA and they increased their shipping tremendously.

    Patience at 4:41 pm 29/02/2012
  3. "

    Hi Patience,

    So glad you love too. I hear a US is in the making…I promise to report back as soon as I discover more!

    *Scarlett X

    Scarlett at 4:23 pm 01/03/2012
  4. "

    did not think I would ever get excited about white heels

    so so cool

    Dani at 11:20 am 06/03/2012
  5. "

    that pouch is a little bit of cool x

    Dani at 10:29 am 20/03/2012
  6. "

    White stilettos have never looked so good !!!

    Eoss at 10:05 am 22/03/2012

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