London, 4th April 2012, 1:50pm


Two can play that game. With all of the fancy flats this season I’m carrying both flats and heels so that I can change throughout the day. No longer purely for practicality sake- this change is simply to suit a change in my mood. Blink and you’ll miss it! *Scarlett

Outfit Inspiration: This week I’m looking for heels who like flats to be heels who do flats like they’re heels who do heels like they’re flats #Britpop. And WhoWhatWears Elizabeth Olsen’s get the look mixing suiting and KG Whips. My shades and shoes all by Kurt Geiger.

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    Loe the print on those shoes! Too fun.

    Nichole at 1:40 am 06/04/2012

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