London, Thursday 12th July 2012, 2.45pm

So Starheel rocks up to me with The Supers and POW…

Story has it, KG Kurt Geiger has sent Starheel from the great city of London to place a power yielding shoe on the foot of every woman in the form of ‘Esme’ and her kickass Super sidekicks.

Introducing serious stud powers launching at Kurt Geiger today:

Esme… The power platform with inhuman leg lengthening abilities for your sexiest silhouette imaginable

Iris… Paint the pavement as you fly skyscraper high over the rainbow

Elena… The alter ego is downtime guardian of you universe. Introducing the fierce flat

Elektra… Your chariot awaits with the wonder wedge and need for speed go-faster spikes

Eris… Don’t be fooled by the playful peek-a-boo peep toe. This platform is your retroactive rocket shooting studs

Meanwhile… Scarlett struggles to decide which Super she is…TO BE CONTINUED *Scarlett

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