London, Tuesday 29th October 2013, 3pm

Please meet Angela Tafoya, horror movie enthusiast, hamburger junky and also the talented editor of Refinery 29 from San Francisco. I’m super excited to introduce her as my next SF Starlet *Scarlett

Angela Tafoya

Scarlett: What inspires your style? Can you share some faithful forever’s?

Angela Tafoya: I have a tendency to lean toward more tomboy-inspired pieces. So, for me, I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect bootie or trouser. There’s a pair of grid-print rag & bone pants that are my current favorites, I really love to add playfulness to typically structured or casual pieces by flirting with different dimensions and prints. I’m a print-a-holic! I think mostly though, what really inspires my style is comfort, quirkiness, and the ability to express a certain mood.

Angela Tafoya

Scarlett: What is your Everything but the Dress for Autumn Winter?

Angela Tafoya: Like I mentioned above, I love a good pair of booties and this time of year I practically live in them. I love these cozy boots for the fact that the padding on the front adds a unique detail that stands out from any other pair I’ve seen. And, not to mention they are comfy — I can tackle the hilliest of streets in these babies. Being able to pair these with a skirt or bundle them up under pants really makes them such a diverse shoe.

Angela Tafoya

Scarlett: What do you feel is unique to SF style?

Angela Tafoya: I think the ability to adjust to change on a continual basis is something that makes S.F. style so different. I mean, one minute it’s freezing and foggy and the next you could be park-bound in 70-degree weather. I think dressing for the unpredictable elements really allow San Franciscans to get creative with their wardrobes.

Angela Tafoya

Scarlett: You’re SF Editor of Refinery 29 (aka queen of SF!). If you were queen of England for the day, what would you do?

Angela Tafoya: That’s a toughie. I know I might make a few trips to Kurt Geiger, that’s for sure ha! Oh and obviously, I would also try to coax hair tips out of Kate Middleton.

Angela Tafoya

Scarlett: What should come first- the Dress or the Shoes?!

Angela Tafoya: The shoes! The shoes make the dress!

Images courtesy of Ashley Batz


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